New York Rakugo Kai's President - Minamoto, Tsuyoshi

 Also known as Nyuuyokuya Sento , he hails from Odawara in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from college he took on a number of temporary jobs as he pursued the career of a musician. These included being a guide in Hawaii, being a solo performer in Tokyo and teaching at the Martha Miyake Jazz Vocal School. In 1979 he came to New York City.


After the establishment of the New York Rakugo Kai he took up his Ukulele and began singing songs from all over the world in their original languages. Rounding out his repertoire with jokes he established his current performing style. He performed at the Michigan Ragtime Festival, held April 25 to 27, 2002 and has performed at numerous places in America and Japan.


Greatest Strumming Comic Singer     

Repertoire of songs from many countries in the original language plus jokes from those countries.

President of NY Rakugo Club-Japanese traditional comic story telling.

Native-bone Japanese living in NYC but traveling the world.

Can travel around the world with my ukulele-it takes only 30 minutes.

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